About Us

As consultants we are able to offer you support in developing your organisational learning and development strategies, completion of training needs analysis, design, development, delivery and evaluation of learning initiatives which support your business objectives.

We believe in working with you to develop learning opportunities that are effective, inspiring and fun.

Using the knowledge and experience of our skilled trainers, we provide cost-effective learning which is enjoyable, participative, often challenging and always learner focused.

The majority of our work comes to us by recommendation, with the remainder from follow up enquiries by customers who have attended our courses or workshops and like our approach.

Our customers include Housing Associations, Local Authorities, Health Authorities, Residential Care Homes and Registered Charities.

The courses we offer primarily fall into the three categories below, but if you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us and if we cannot help you ourselves, we will try and recommend another reputable provider.