Management Training
Managing Absence / Sickness

As a result of attending this one day course participants will know why absence matters, the impact of absence / sickness on your organisation, the importance of controlling it, whose responsibility it is and how to implement your organisation’s policies and procedures in managing sickness / absence in the work place including conducting a return to work interview.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain why absence matters
  • Describe the responsibilities of the employee
  • Describe the responsibilities of the employer
  • Conduct a return to work interview
  • Manage the staff member´s return to work appropriately
  • Recognise when further support is required and from whom
  • Put these into the context of your organisation´s
    • Absence /sickness (capability) policies and procedures
    • Disciplinary policy and procedure
    • Health & Safety policy and procedure
    • Grievance policy and procedure


One day.

This course should be run for groups of up to 12.

Those managers / supervisors of all levels who are responsible for the management / supervision / support of colleagues within their teams.

The contents of this workshop will incorporate issues of equal opportunities and anti- oppressive practice to assist participants in understanding and challenging all forms of discrimination.

  • Possible causes of absence
  • Why absence matters: impact on organisation, team, staff member
  • How absence is currently managed. What should be done and why?
  • Organisation´s policies which support & guide us
  • Employee´s responsibilities
  • Employer´s responsibilities: organisation, manager
  • Conducting return to work interviews
  • Skills practice (role plays) & action plans
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Managing Absence / Sickness