Information Technology
Access Essentials

This two day course is for delegates who need to use Access to create a simple database. It also serves as the first step for those wishing to develop more complex databases.

Delegates will be confident in using the essential features of Access to create and alter simple relational databases.

By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Explain what a database is for and when you need one
  • Find and amend information
  • Extract specific information from your database. For example, show only the organisations with more than 1000 employees
  • Create tables that link together
  • Create a list of choices to choose from when keying in information
  • Create a user friendly form to use for keying information in across different tables
  • Create reports for the information you extract to provide professional looking output


This course is run for a maximum of six delegates.


  1. What is a database; What is Access; Looking at a sample database & Working with tables; Finding & Changing records in a table
  2. Creating queries and using criteria; Editing a query; Sorting
  3. Database design; Introduction to relationships; Creating a new database; Creating & editing tables
  4. Relationships: More table design; Relationships between tables
  5. Creating Forms with Form Wizard; Editing Forms
  6. Form Design: Main/Sub Forms
  7. Creating Reports with the Report Wizard; Mailing Labels; (Mail Merge to Word)
  8. Queries across related tables; Parameter Queries
Delegates must be familiar with Windows and using the mouse. In addition they should be confident in another Windows package (i.e. Word or Excel) Delegates should have a basic understanding of what they are going to use the database for.

Please note that Access is potentially a very complex package. For anything beyond the simplest database delegates will also need to attend the Access Intermediate and Advanced courses.
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Access Essentials