Information Technology
Access Intermediate Queries & Reports

This one day course is for those who need to create more advanced queries and
reports. Before booking, please check carefully that delegates are confident in using
the features listed in requirements (below).

Delegates will be confident in creating queries and reports that include calculations and
statistical information; and improving the layout of reports.

By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Use queries for speedy statistical analysis of data within a table
  • Use queries for calculations and creating new fields from existing ones
  • Import tables from Excel
  • Use queries to delete, update and append records throughout a table
  • Create new reports with grouping and calculations
  • Amend the design of reports
  • Create reports within reports
  • Create a report with a running total through it


This course is run for a maximum of six delegates.


  1. Recap; Parameter Queries; Groups; Totals; & Aliases; Sum; Min; Max; Avg; Where
  2. Calculated Fields; Importing tables from Excel; Delete; Update & Append Queries & If Statements
  3. Reports – Grouping and Calculations; Amending the Design
  4. Creating reports within reports; Creating reports using Running Sum
Delegates must be confident in using Windows and a mouse, plus one other
Windows based package.

To attend this course, delegates must also be confident in the following
elements of Access: creating a table, understand principles of design,
creating a one to many relationship, creating and designing main and sub
forms, creating queries with simple criteria, creating a simple report.
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Access Intermediate Queries & Reports