Health & Social Care
Safe Professional Boundaries & Behaviours

This workshop will assist staff in working more safely by demostrating the importance of having clear professional boundaries when working with service users..

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Define professional boundaries
  • State why professional boundaries are important to staff,  service users and the organisations they work for
  • State who is responsible for maintaining professional boundaries
  • Set clear and workable boundaries with service users and colleagues
  • Identify actual/potential boundary issues when working with service users and colleagues
  • Identify ways of minimising and/or managing the risk associated with boundary issues
  • Identify ways of clarifying/reinforcing professional boundaries with service users and colleagues
  • Discuss the relevance of current legislation, codes of conduct and policies & procedures to professional boundaries

One day.

This course should be run for groups of up to 16.

Staff working in support and care.

The contents of this workshop will incorporate issues of equal opportunities and anti-oppressive practice to assist participants in understanding and challenging all forms of discrimination.

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Safe Professional Behaviours