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Outlook Advanced

This one day course is for people who have used Outlook for basic E-mail and creating contacts and need make information within Outlook available for others to access.

By the end of the course delegates will be able to use some of Outlooks advanced features to manage E-mail, manage a contacts list, and share Outlook Folders individually and publicly.

By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Send E-mail with a "reminder-to-follow-up" flag
  • Automatically send incoming E-mail to specific E-mail folders as part of E-mail management
  • Use E-mail to carry out voting
  • Send out bulk letters to groups of people in your Contacts list
  • Create a standard E-mail as a template
  • Access someone else’s E-mail, Contacts, Calendar etc with their permission
  • Archive and retrieve old E-mails you want to keep
  • Share documents and messages with everyone in the organisation


This course is run for a maximum of six delegates.


  1. Flagging an E-mail; Voting using E-mail; Postponing an e-mail; using the Rules wizard
  2. Email/Mail merge; customising Views; Templates Calendar -Creating/editing appointments, creating reminders and recurring appointments, Events, Printing appointments
  3. Sharing mail boxes; sending E-mail on behalf of someone else; archiving
  4. Create a Public Folder; posting to a Public Folder; setting Public Folder permissions
Delegates must be confident in using a keyboard, Windows and a mouse. Additionally you must have used Outlook before and be familiar with sending, receiving, and replying to Email; creating contacts and changing contact views.
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Outlook Advanced