Information Technology
Outlook Essentials

This one day course is for people who need to use outlooks basic features.

By the end of the course delegates will be confident using the basic features in Outlook to manage E-mails, Contacts and Appointments.

By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Write, send, forward and reply using email
  • Open, save and send Word documents as attachments
  • Use the Global List and add contacts to their Personal Address Book
  • Create and amend Contact records of customers/clients they speak to regularly
  • Find a contact easily using keywords
  • Group certain contacts together
  • Create appointments and add them to their diary
  • Set reminders for important appointments
  • Create appointments that occur regularly
  • Add one off events to their Calendar
  • Outlook create more than one signature that they can add to their emails
  • Print out appointments and emails
  • Create Notes for themselves that look similar to Post-it notes


This course is run for a maximum of six delegates.


  1. Email -Sending/receiving emails, Signatures, Attachments, Tracking Emails, Address books
  2. Creating Contacts -Creating Groups, creating/amending Contacts, Finding/filtering Contacts, Printing Contact records
  3. Calendar -Creating/editing appointments, creating reminders and recurring appointments, Events, Printing appointments
  4. Outlook Today, Creating/deleting Notes
No prior knowledge of Outlook is required, although delegates should be familiar with
using Windows and a mouse.
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Outlook Essentials