Management Training
Time Management

This course is designed to provide participants with the skills required to analyse their use of time and to give practical tools to improve self-management, effectiveness and productivity, thereby reducing / overcoming stressors.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify individual´s top time wasters and how to tackle them
  • Set and achieve goals (including the SMART model)
  • Prioritise and make better choices
  • Develop and use a simple time planning system that works
  • Balance work and leisure time more effectively
  • Manage email more effectively
  • Manage interruptions from other people
  • Identify opportunities for appropriate delegation
  • Say 'no' without giving offence


One day.

This course should be run for groups of up to 12.

Individuals who need to improve the way they organise and manage their time (both personal & work time); who would like to achieve more over a set period of time; who would benefit from identifying clear personal and work objectives.

The content can be structured to address your specific staff team´s needs and would be most effective if tailored with regard to seniority / responsibilities of delegates.

This workshop will incorporate issues of equal opportunities and anti-oppressive practice to assist participants in understanding and challenging all forms of discrimination.


  • Pareto principle
  • Personal body clock
  • ABC model of prioritisation
  • Stephen Covey´s Circle of Concern/Circle of influence
  • Johari´s window
  • Activity/stress logs and scheduling
  • Time wasters
  • Delegation
  • Stress management techniques
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Time Management