Information Technology
Word Essentials

This one day course is designed for people who need to use the essential functions of

By the end of the course, delegates will be confident in using Word to create and alter
simple documents. For example, letters, memos and reports.

By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Create, save, open, and print documents.
  • Apply centre, bold & underline and change fonts and size of text.
  • Get Word to spell-check their document.
  • Move and copy sections of text around the document or into other documents.
  • Alter the lay out of the page, including margins and using page breaks.
  • Automatically number paragraphs and add bullet points.
  • Create headers & footers, and set page numbering.


This course is run for a maximum of six delegates.


  1. The Basics - Creating a Document: Entering and Deleting Text, Moving around a document, Saving, Closing, Opening & Printing Documents.
  2. Formatting: Selecting Text; Font, Size, Bold, Italic & Underline; Text Alignment; Undo Button; Spell Check.
  3. Format Painter; Cut, Copy & Paste; Working with more than one document; Bulleted & Numbered Lists; Selective Printing
  4. Views and Zoom, Page Margins, Headers and Footers and Page numbering, Page Breaks.
Participants must be confident in the Windows environment and in using the mouse.

No experience of Word is required, but some experience of typing or using keyboards
is desirable.
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Word Essentials